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10 Best shoes style for men should be owned [Look More Elegant]

Best Shoes style for men that should be owned

What men’s shoes are in style?

Many men do not care about the shoes they are wearing. But in reality, shoes play an important role in your overall styling. No Matter how much costly clothes you are wearing If your Shoes are dirty all the effort you put in your styling is absolutely a waste of time. It is important to have the right type of shoe with the right dress. But the question here is which are the Best Shoes style for Men?

If you are going to meet a girl you must pay attention to the type of shoes you are wearing, Because everyone, first of all, notices your shoes how neat and clean they are or Are they matching with the dress you are wearing.

Shoes can tell about the personality of the person. If you are waring over casual shoes you will look like a boy and no one will take you seriously. Shoe fashion can make or break your day.

Finding the right pair of shoes is, not an easy task. It is especially very tough to find the right pair of trending shoes for men. But I have made a list of best shoes trends 2020 for men which are necessary for every man. If you want to look more like the stud you need to know what men’s shoes are in style and what is the footwear trends.

Without wasting your precious time lest jump into the list of best shoes style for men………….

1. Brogues

Brogues started in Scotland and Ireland and were at first built utilizing untanned stow away with little apertures. The apertures were for usefulness, and their motivation was to permit water to deplete through the footwear when the wearer was strolling in the wet landscape. The plan has since developed, and the holes are currently for the most part for brightening purposes

Brogues shoes style for mens

Brogues shoes are one of the trending and best style shoes for men. These shoes complete your looks if you are getting ready for semi-casual occasions or formal functions.

Brogues come in two style options 1. Derby with  open lacing 2. Oxford with enclosed lacing. These shoes are also categorized on the basis of brogues on them Like 1. Full Brogue, 2. Half Brogue 3. Quarter Brogue etc.

Now, what to wear for which occasions.

Wear brogues with more holes in it for casual occasions and brogue with fewer holes for more formal occasions. You can combine light color chinos with brown color brogues or you can wear brogues with dark blue jeans and a T-Shirt and a blazer for a more elegant and stylish look.

2. Chukkas

Chukka boots are a great style of footwear. They are thought to have gotten their name from the sport of polo, where a chukka is a period, and turned out to be very mainstream in the wake of being worn by the Duke of Windsor in 1924. Chukka boots are a lower leg length sort of boot that normally include a few eyelets and small laces. They are regularly produced using Leather.


Chukka boots are great for casual styling. You can match them with many jeans and jackets, these are the best shoe fashion for enhancing your look. Nyc pair of Chukkas can boost your confidence.

Wear Brown color chukkas with blue denim and a black or white shirt to look more dashing. You can enhance your look by wearing a leather jacket. In my opinion Chukkas are the best shoes style for men who want to look formal while carrying a casual style.

Chukka shoes like Chelsea boots come in leather and suede variants. To rock, more casual look go for a light color or suede chukkas and for more formal look go for brown leather chukkas.

3. Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots were invented by J. Sparkes-hall, who was a shoemaker for queen Victoria. These shoes are designed to easily slip in and off the foot. These shoes are one of the most trending shoes for men. Initially made for the two people, the lower leg high style customarily includes a little heel and tab on the back to make sliding the boot on simpler. The boot’s ebb and flow name are thought to originate from its prevalence in the Chelsea locale of London during the ’50s and ’60s when mods, the Beatles, and even the Drifters all shook the shoe style.

Chelsea boots difference between leather and suede leather

Chelsea boots are of two kind one of which is leather boots and other is suede casual boots.

A leather variant of Chelsea boots will give you the more polished look and these are one of the best shoes for men. You can also wear shoes with a suit to look more formal. Brown leather Chelsea boots are best to enhance your personality.

The next variant of Chelsea boots is suede boots. Thanks to there texture they look more casual than there leather shoes partner. One thing to remember while wearing the Suede botts these shoes are more prone to water damage make sure you apply some water protection coating on them.

4. Oxford shoes

Oxfords were gotten from the Oxonian, a half-boot with side cuts that picked up prevalence at Oxford College in 1800. In contrast to early shoes, Oxfords were cut littler than the foot. The side cut developed into a side trim that in the end moved to the instep, as understudies defied knee-high and lower leg high boots.

OxFord shoes

The footwear was at first a plain shoe made of Leather, yet throughout the years the style has advanced essentially and now incorporates a wide scope of textures, specifying and fluctuating styles appropriate for both brilliant easygoing and formal wear.

Oxford shoes come with a variety of color options. Brown oxford shoes are best if combined with a Grey, Dark brown or navy suit. Tan oxford shoes are best if you want less formal look You can wear them with bright color chinos and tailored navy suit pants.

Oxfords can be worn with a suit for formal functions o meetings or a presentation etc. You can also wear an oxford with a casual outfit like chinos or jeans. There is a vast variety of oxford shoes to choose from.

5. Leather boots

During the eighteenth and mid-nineteenth hundreds of years, boots outperformed shoes as the trendy footwear for men. Presently progressively refined, styles were trimmer and worn with turned-down tops.

The two-tone boots were fixed in darker which diverged from the external dark calfskin of the remainder of the boot. Racer boots were presented in 1780 and trendy top-boots were exquisite and comparable in appearance to the boots worn by horse racers from the recently chic game of pony hustling (Baynes and Baynes,1979)- Trendspotter

Leather boots

It is difficult to pinpoint one style of men’s boots as the must-have for all closets. The scope of lower leg high boots is shifted to such an extent that one could get diverted and build up a boot-purchasing propensity. Hardly any shoes can pass on as a lot of character as the boot. The incredible thing about a boot is with proceeded with wear, the shoe starts to recount to a story. While we don’t recommend wearing boots that are self-destructing and shrouded in mud, an all-around worn pair of wrinkled Leather boots have their own character.

A couple of leather trim up boots is an unquestionable requirement have an expansion to each man’s winter closet. Choose a lower leg high, dark or dim darker boot and sleeve your jeans for an easygoing, edgier stylish. You can likewise pull your pants over the highest point of the boots for an increasingly moderate look. Put resources into a quality pair and they will last you years, and start to recount to their story. Leather boots look fantastic with a man with a thick beard. Want to learn how to grow thick beard Click Here

6. Loafers

The first loafer delivered by the organization was the Bass Weejun in 1936, its naming coming from the organization maker Bass and the Weejun coming from the defilement of the word Norweigan, the spot the shoe motivation started. The Penny Loafer grew later on and as far as anyone knows for a specific reason


.A loafer is a multipurpose shoe fashion. They look good with your business suit, chinos or a plus point you can also wear jeans with these shoes. Loafers are easy to wear and look fantastic. These are one of my favorites on the list of best shoes for men.

Dress loafers come in lots of different colors and styles and a lot of different brands make them.

But choose your brand wisely when it comes to Loafers. Brown color loafer looks so, Damm good with a navy suit or blue jeans. If you want to look like a man you need to give this a try. Loafers will give you an elegant styling.

7. Casual Sneakers for men

If you want to look more casual and classy then go for the white color casual sneaker. White sneakers are the best casual shoes for men with jeans. They look so dam good with blue and black jeans.  One thing to keep in mind when you wearing white sneakers is that you need to take care of the sneaker because they get dirty pretty easily.

Casual Sneakers for men shoes style for men

You need to clean them quite often.  If the sole of your sneaker is dirty and not clean it will destroy all the efforts that you put in your clothing. So purchase an eraser to clean the dirt from your shoes sole or wash them to look hygienic and classy.

Not only blue or black jeans look good with every type of jeans Because they are so easy to combine with anything.

When coming to the choice of sneakers don’t go over casual my meaning by this is that don’t buy sneakers with vibrant colors and patterns all around on it. Always wear simple sneakers as I mentioned above, Go for ma white sneakers if you want to look like a stud around some girls. These are one of the best shoes style for men out there to buy.

8. Derby Shoes

When it comes to buying a derby shoe for your style it is difficult to find the difference between oxford or derby shoes. I will explain to you the difference between both of them.

An Oxford is a lace-up shoe that has the bottom of the lacing section sewn closed and one that also has the eyelet facings stitched underneath the vamp (front section of the shoe)

Derby Shoes

A Derby shoe is also a lace-up shoe but one which has an open lacing section (is not sewn closed at the bottom).

There are many varieties of derby shoes Like Derby dress shoes, Derby Casual shoes, Black or brown derby shoes, Leather derby shoes,  Suede derby shoes, Derby Brogues, and Derby Boots.

When it comes to styling choose a slim pair of black or brown derby when you are going on a formal meeting. Dress derbies are combined with Suit, Shirt, and Tie.

Casual derbies are combined with jeans and chinos to look more polished and classy. The casual derbies are trending shoes for men’s. Derby boots will give you a military look. Derbies are the best shoes style for men. There is so much variety of derby shoes out there. But do not mix oxford shoes with derbies.

9. Black leather shoes

While Tan and dark brown shoes are getting progressively mainstream and stylish, dark shoes stay a firm most loved with men – incompletely because of their adaptability. Be that as it may, picking the correct pair of Black leather shoes is a long way from simple, with such huge numbers of styles accessible.

Dark dress shoes are increasingly formal and one of the best shoes style for men so they’re more qualified to workwear, café meals, meetings or weddings.

Black leather shoes

They ought to be worn for events, as opposed to ordinary wear. There are a couple of various kinds of outfits that go with dress shoes – here’s a manual for blending dark dress shoes with:


Darker pants will, in general, look more tasteful than lighter ones. Pair these with a fresh white shirt or a dark or naval force jumper – this outfit will work out positively for dark Chelsea boots, brogues, Derby shoes.


A white shirt with Oxford or Derby shoes can tidy up your look when wearing chinos – ideal for a night feast out.

Everybody needs, in any event, one set of Black leather shoes in their closet – they are a solid staple that can supplement most outfits and events.

Their flexibility frequently makes it difficult to choose what to wear them with – so ensure you pair them with the correct hues and garments to get the best out of them.

10. Sport shoes

Athletic footwear has gotten omnipresent since the mid-1950s, and it is anything but difficult to overlook that game shoes were at first intended for a particular reason for usefulness, comfort, and to expand athletic execution. As different as customary footwear itself, athletic shoes fall into the accompanying classes: running/preparing/strolling, court sports, field sports, winter sports, open-air sports, Olympic style events, and claim to fame shoes.

Sport shoes

In real life, they are of high use. You say they look ugly and sneakers are better options But I am an old school kind of guy. But shoes from Jordan’s and Adidas look so good. If you are wearing sports shoes make sure they are good looking and stylish. One thing to keep in mind while wearing sports shoes is don’t mix these shoes with casual shoes. These shoes are only made for sports, gaming or exercise-related work.


A Complete list of various types of shoes for men that are necessary to look cool around girls. These are the best shoes for men, according to your needs you can opt for any of these shoes style for men. If you want to look more casual go for casual sneakers and if you want the feeling of casual and formal look then go for Chelsea boots or chukka boots. shoes tell everything about the personality of the person.

So, Wear shoes that suit you It will help you to boost your confidence. If your shoes are not clean and according to the situation you may feel embarrassed in that situation.

Follow these shoes style for men to never get embarrassed in society. Hope you get what I tried to convey to you If you have any question related to shoes style for men ask in the comment section below……………

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