How to talk girls you like without hesitation

How to talk to girls

Do you want to learn How to talk girls? You are at the right place. Your voice is the most powerful tool you have when it comes to how to attract a girl. Knowing how to talk to girls is more important than knowing how to dress, being physically attractive or even having a ton of money. A lot of these things are little more than an opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought that guys somehow still think have some applicability in the dating sphere. The truth is that you will always have to rely on words to make a girl want you. Knowing how to talk to girls really boils down to how well you can communicate the qualities of an attractive man. It’s a matter of having a normal conversation while squeezing in certain hot topics, stories, and clues that are all dynamite when it comes to how to attract a girl.

Convey Your Attractiveness

At the very least, you want to convey the following:

  • you have experience with other women
  • you have options
  • By Confidence
  • you have self-control
  • the interaction isn’t just about trying to sleep with her

How To Talk Girls without hesitation.

If you’re not usually a funny Person, don’t try to be when you’re trying to learn how to talk to a girl you like. If you’re a deep guy, don’t try and hide it when you’re figuring out how to attract a girl. More than anything else, women are concerned with genuineness. They want to see that the person they’re conversing with is being honest with them, even if he’s not perfect. In fact, exposing your flaws and being real with a chick can be very attractive.

1. Best 6 things to talk about with a girl

Here are 6 topics that are fun and easy to start off a conversation.

  1. Movies, music, or books (What does she like? Figure out if you have anything in common.)
  2. Goals and dreams (What does she dream of doing in the future?)
  3. Family (Where are they from, does she have any siblings?)
  4. Traveling (Does she have any travel plans? What’s the coolest place she’s visited?)
  5. Work or school (What does she work with/what class does she like best?)
  6. What she likes doing in her free time

These topics are great to start off with because most girls have something to say about it. When you’ve started talking you can go deeper and develop the conversation more from there.

2. Stop being nervous when talking to cute girls

How to girls you like without hesitation

How to talk girls without being nervous.

  1. It feels like more is at stake
  2. We’re afraid of rejection
  3. We don’t have enough experience talking to girls
  4. We become self-conscious around a cute girl we want to impress

3. Learn how to talk to girls with the “bucket principle”

How to talk girls you like without hesitation

When we talk to a girl we’re attracted to, we often feel that we need to come off as smart, confident, and attractive. When we try to solve this nearly impossible equation, we lock up. The end result is that we become less attractive. The problem here is that we put the girl in the “girlfriend bucket” and everyone else in the “friend bucket”. To get more relaxed with girls, we need to start putting them in the “friend bucket” too.

4. How to tell if a girl likes you

Here are some of the more common signs I’ve seen that tell if she’s got a crush on you.

  1. She’s laughing at your jokes even if they’re bad
  2. She added you on social media and likes your posts
  3. told her friends and family about you
  4. teasing you in a playful or flirty manner
  5. holding eye contact with you for a longer time than normal
  6. Touches you when you talk
  7. seems extra shy when you hang out with her
  8. gives you more attention than others

5. How to talk girls and not sounds like you are trying to prove that you’re worthy of her

How to talk girls you like without hesitation

It’s an unattractive mindset because it puts her on a pedestal. All the cool things about you become repulsive if you use them to “prove you’re worthy”. What I like to do is to turn this around by assuming that I am worthy by default. Then I can focus on finding out if she’s worthy of my standards.

You do this by simply making a normal back-and-forth conversation. But your underlying purpose in the conversation is to figure out if YOU like her. When you focus on this, you will also feel more confident talking to her. And if you like her, it will feel like a natural step to get her number or ask her to meet up again.

6. Increase the attraction by maintaining suspense

Increase the attraction by maintaining suspense

If you give her compliments all the time and give her all your attention, she will know that she could have you whenever she wants. This kills the suspense for her, it’s not exciting. If you give her just enough attention and compliments to tickle her interest, she will suspect you’re interested in her, but she won’t be certain.

This will make her think even more of you because the human brain wants clarity. This isn’t just something that works on girls. The girls I’ve been the most obsessed with are those who I didn’t quite know if they liked me as much as I liked them.

7. Build attraction by being non-reactive instead of trying to please

How to talk girls you like without hesitation

When you learn how to talk to girls, you may notice how they start complaining to you, teasing you, or nagging you. Maybe they dislike your outfit, they question your life choices, or they complain about your haircut. Most often, this is a subconscious behavior that happens because she’s interested in you. If you react and try to please her, it will often be a turn off for her. If you’re instead non-reactive, it shows your confidence.

8. The alpha-trap that KILLS attraction with girls

How to talk girls you like without hesitation

I’ve seen way too many guys in clubs trying to play the role of someone everyone else can see that they aren’t. On top of that, when you try to be alpha, you’re not being yourself, and that shines through. The same thing with guys trying to be mysterious; it just gets weird. Ironically, there’s an easy solution to this. Focus on just having a normal, relaxed conversation and let go of all pick-up ideas.

9. Beating fear of rejection and developing courage

Beating fear of rejection and developing courage

If you don’t take initiative yourself, your chances are slim to none that you’ll ever meet someone you really like unless you’re very lucky or insanely good looking. Most girls are shy when it comes to taking initiative. What helped me beat my fear of rejection was becoming aware of it. I started to see how my fear of rejection was holding me back from ever meeting a girl I liked.

I needed to push my boundaries and show my intentions toward girls I liked. If I never took initiative and risked getting rejected, nothing would happen. I did a lot of online dating, and also talking to random girls I met in my daily life. I actually challenged myself to ask random girls out on a date. Even if I got rejected most of the time, it was still a win every time I dared to do it; each rejection helped me overcome my fear and gave me more experience talking to girls. My courage grew with each rejection.

10. A Mistake of proclaiming your love or feelings for the girl

How to talk with girls you like without hesitation

This goes in line with the tip about maintaining suspense. Avoid telling her how you feel about her or that you like her before you know that she has feelings for you. I’ve seen so many guys crush their chances by telling the girl about their feelings. It just ends up putting pressure on the girl to reciprocate, and if she hasn’t developed equally strong feelings yet, she will want to escape that pressure.

Even if she was a bit interested in you, and you told her you’re VERY interested in her, she will feel pressured to like you back just as much to avoid hurting your feelings. We tend to obsess over things we’re uncertain we can get. Things we know we can have, we take for granted. So, if you make it perfectly clear to a girl that she can have you, you become less exciting. Instead of proclaiming your love, take the next step through actions as we talked about before. Ask her out on a date, ask for her number, or go for the kiss.

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