Men Fashion mistakes that need to avoid

Men Fashion mistakes are pretty common around the world. Maintaining your appearance is a sign of respect—not just for yourself, but for all of the people you interact with on a daily basis. It shows that you care. Let’s put it this way: you wouldn’t all of a sudden stop saying your “please“s and “thank you“s. You wouldn’t stop tipping your waiter or holding the door or even (occasionally) waving ahead the guy at the four-way intersection. So why would you stop dressing to the absolute best of your ability? After all, it’s just good manners.

1.Wearing Overly Baggy Clothing

Top 10 common Fashion Mistakes that Men's Make

The number one mistake I see men over 40 make is wearing clothes that don’t fit properly,” says Dave Bowden, founder of the men’s style site Irreverent Gent. Often, guys do this for one of two reasons: a desire to hide extra weight gained over the years, or a focus on comfort. But baggy clothing is a mistaken solution to both problems, says Bowden.

For one, loose-fitting clothes will only accentuate body bulk, not hide it—he instead advises purchasing “clothes that hug your body, but don’t wrap you up so tightly you look like a sausage.” Secondly, comfort can be achieved far more easily (and fashionably) by choosing lightweight fabrics, like chambray or linen, rather than going for a draping fit, he explains.

2. Wearing Light-Wash Denim

Top 10 common Fashion Mistakes that Men's Make

“For some reason, once they hit 40, a lot of guys opt for the same light- or acid- wash jeans that were popular in the ’90s,” bemoans Bowden. While the look has been revived in certain corners of the fashion world, he explains that they’re more likely to make a man look like Tim Allen in Home Improvement. Instead, he recommends opting for a pair of slim-fitting dark blue jeans.

3. Men fashion mistakes of Dressing Overly Casual

Top 10 common Fashion Mistakes that Men's Make

“After a couple of decades of wearing a suit to the office, a lot of guys over 40 tend to go all the way to the other end of the spectrum on their downtime,” notes Bowden. This leads to situations in which their attire may leave you wondering whether they think they never left home. “By putting just a little conscious effort into their casual outfits, a lot of guys in their 40s could dramatically improve their off-hours look,” he says.

4. Not Shopping Diversely

Not Shopping Diversely

“It’s totally cool to hate shopping,” concedes Acton. “But be sure to think your purchases through instead of buying the same items over and over again.” While it may be easier to revert to default, you need a wardrobe that is complete. “If your closet is full of sweaters but you only have one pair of dress shoes, you might want to reassess your fashion needs,” she explains.

5. Stepping Out of the House in Ripped Jeans

Stepping Out of the House in Ripped Jeans

“There’s a ‘destroyed’ denim trend right now, but frankly, it doesn’t apply to” says Joanna Lovering, founder of the style coaching service Copper + Rise. And she provides a helpful metric: “If your jeans are frayed on the cuffs, have holes anywhere, or show weather marks from your George Costanza wallet, you may only wear them around the house.”

6. Showing Too Much Chest men fashion mistake

Top 10 common Fashion Mistakes that Men's Make

“We don’t need to know you’re a man from your chest hair!” says Lovering. “Ditch the low v-necks and only leave one or two, max, buttons unbuttoned at the top of an Oxford.”

7. Relying on Graphic T-Shirts

Relying on Graphic T-Shirts

Too many men over 40 are of the mind that a prominent logo on their T-shirt makes it more respectable. New flash: it doesn’t. Stick with solids in tasteful colors. Or, if you must rock a logo, choose one that’s both subtle and fashion-forward.

8. Worst Men fashion mistakes of Putting Sandals Over Socks

Worst Men fashion mistakes of Putting Sandals Over Socks

Many men seem to be under the impression that, once they hit 40, wearing socks underneath sandals is a reasonable option. Heads up: This makes zero sense. Not only does it look lazy and unkempt, but it’s also woefully uncomfortable. Just get some sneakers. Or better yet, go sock-free. It’s a subtle move that will instantly boost your sex appeal.

9. Trying Pleated Pants

Trying Pleated Pants

Some guys are glad they died in the ’90s. Some are guys are still wearing their pairs from the ’90s. But no matter how you feel, pleated pants are coming back with a vengeance. Thing is, it’s really the fashion set (read: whip-thin guys between 18 and 24 years old) that can rock the look. Wear pleated pants after 40 and you’ll look like you’re trying too hard to relive your youth.

10. Leaving Blazers Buttoned When Sitting

Top 10 common Fashion Mistakes that Men's Make

Talk show hosts and news anchors can get away with sitting down and buttoning up their suit jackets. Everyone else? All they’re doing is needlessly stretching the threads of a perfectly fine jacket. Just unbutton, man!

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