Top Best Men Hairstyle Short in 2020

Best Men Hairstyle Short in 2020

Men hairstyle Short is always going to be in style. In fact, studies show that women love men with short hair, making short hairstyles for guys more attractive. But forget for a minute what women want – most men want their hair to be cut short on the sides and back, hence the popularity of fade haircuts and undercuts.

So what are the best haircuts for men with short hair? Here’s a look into the top short hairstyles and haircuts for guys in 2020.

1. Basic Men Hairstyle short Undercut

An undercut can work wonders for any hairstyle, no matter if the top part is short or long. In essence, it does an amazing job of outlining the entire haircut, shaping it to flatter your features. However, please note that you will have to frequently shave down the sides and back to maintain the look.

Basic Undercut

2. Crew Cut

Not digging the idea of maintenance whatsoever? Then you should opt for one of the short haircuts for men that you won’t have to style at all. Military haircuts are your go-to category, with the crew cut as one of the top 3 low maintenance options you have at hand.

Men's short hairstyles in 2020

3. Basic Short Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Thick hair may be a pain if you dream of rocking a longer hairstyle, but it’s just what you need for sporting a short cut. The fact that your locks are naturally thick will result in far less styling requirements. Additionally, you’ll enjoy a cool and effortless hairstyle.

Men's short hairstyles in 2020

4. Flat Top Men hairstyle short hairs

Another military cut that has been trending for decades is the flat top. From where we stand, it’s the best choice for men who want to play around with the silhouette of their appearance. You can tailor the design of the top sides until you get the angles you desire.

Men's short hairstyles in 2020

5. Faded Short Haircut for Thin Hair

Any kind of comb-over hairstyle will be suitable for men battling thin hair. This cutting and styling technique will aid you in drawing attention away from the thinness of your strands and to the handsome hairstyle you’re presenting yourself with.

Faded Short Haircut for Thin Hair

6. Buzz Cut

We have to admit that every man pulls off a buzz cut quite like few others. If you’re considering short haircuts for men from this category, you should definitely look to this singer for inspiration. The 5 o’clock shadow is also a charming detail.

Men's short hairstyles in 2020

7. Tapered Medium Haircut

A taper haircut is just what you need if you want to maintain a sleek contour for your hairstyle. It’s part of a professional grooming process that is appropriate for men of all ages, from boys to seniors. You can also choose the level of tapering for your look.

Tapered Medium Haircut

8. Short Curly Hair Fade

This short hair fade features clean cut sides, a perfect shape up, and tight curls. With a high bald fade to maximize contrast, this cool hairstyle for men with curly hair styles beautifully. The beard fade is a nice touch. Use a curl-enhancing cream to control frizz and style this curly cut.

Men's short hairstyles in 2020

9. Short Spiky Hair Fade for men hairstyle short

This short spiky hair fade is a cool haircut to get. Spiked up all over with a low taper fade one the sides and line up along the hairline, it’s handsome for men and young boys.

Men's short hairstyles in 2020

10. Short Pompadour Fade

This short Hairstyle blends between classic and modern. A fresh mid fade is coupled with a small pomp that is brushed up and back. To get the style, ask your barber for short hair in the back with slightly longer length in the front

Men's short hairstyles in 2020

11. Messy Spiked Up Hair + High Fade + Beard

This high bald fade with spiky hair is a cool hairstyle for guys to get. To add some detail and tailor the look, try a surgical part on the sides by asking your barber to shave in a line. Apply a strong pomade or wax with matte finish for a natural look.

Men's short hairstyles in 2020

12. Men hairstyle short Wavy Hair Fade

This short wavy hairstyle is one way to tame and control your waves. Waves can add volume and texture to any style. The wavy hair fade cuts your hair short enough to minimize frizz for a low-maintenance look, but allows men to leverage their natural hair type.

Men's short hairstyles in 2020

13. Modern Flat Top

While the flat top has traditionally been a military hairstyle, this stylish variation gives the haircut a modern update. The faded sides and shaved hard part line give the style a youthful look. The horizontal cut that creates the flat top is distinct, making you stand out in any crowd.

Men's short hairstyles in 2020

14. Low Skin Fade with Hard Part Comb Over

What catches our attention first is how clean this skin fade looks. And instead of the traditional comb-over or side part, this barber opted for a thick, shaved part and a comb -over that slicks back a bit.

Low Skin Fade with Hard Part Comb Over

15. Short Crop men hairstyle short hairs

Cropped hair is quickly becoming a top short men’s haircut. Because it is easy to style and simple to maintain, guys are really starting to get the cut more often.

Short Crop for Thick Hair

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